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About Oakes Specialty Contractors, Inc.

Since 1982, company president Roger Oakes has been engaged in the specialized installation services business. Formally establishing Oakes Specialty Contractors, Inc. in 1992, the company began progressively delivering its services to an expanding customer base throughout the whole of North America. With each opportunity, we have continually served hundreds of clients ranging from small to large.

Our Services Include:

Installation of access flooring.
Installation of mobile & rotary filing systems.
Relocation & moving of sensitive files, records & media.
Installation of systems furniture.
Installation of all types of shelving, pallet racks, lockers, mezzanines & just about anything under the sun requiring installation.
General construction projects.

At Oakes Specialty Contractors, we're familiar with all manufacturers products throughout our field of expertise as well as being recognized as a factory-authorized installer of all types of access flooring. In addition, as a Tennessee licensed general contractor (residential, small commercial) we have over 20 years experience in the construction field and are capable of any type residential building, small commercial jobs, and tenant build-outs just to name a few.

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