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Specialized Installation Services

Today more than ever, when it comes to custom and specialized installations, you need a company that has the experience and know-how to ensure that your organization system is installed properly and that the design meets your needs. We have experience with all types of businesses, including new businesses, central operations, retail, relocations & expanding opportunities. Today's business demands typically mean a greater need for organization and hardware systems infrastructure.

Oakes Specialty Contractors not only excels, but outpaces our competition in providing you with the maximum level of front-end installation service and long-term support for today's complicated high-valued organizational systems.

As factory-authorized installers, we bring over 20 years experience in working with all manufacturers products. We can easily handle any size job. Large or small.

From a single level office, to installations covering over 400,000 square feet of warehousing, we install all components associated with:

Access flooring (including ramps, steps, handrails, carpet, cove base, etc.).
Specializing in Mobile filing systems.
Rotary filing systems.
Systems furniture.
All types of shelving, pallet racks, lockers.
Floor to ceiling partitions.
...And just about anything else that needs to be installed.

Available to receive the shipment of products, to completing the final punch list (including all electrical components of the system), Oakes Specialty Contractors is available to serve you no matter where you are located in North America.